Real Estate

Purchase, sale, donations, mortgages and loans: your property is one of your most important assets. Before signing the deed of sale, your trusted notary will conduct the necessary research, verify the compliance of prior titles and carefully analyze the property’s certificate of location. She will ensure the protection of all parties involved in the transaction.


Whether you need a simple will, a trust under will, or a wealth inventory, you have many questions and choices to consider..

Constance Fortin can inform you of the best options and legal structures to protect your loved ones and your estate. She will make sure that nothing is left to chance!

Estate Settlement

Your notary can guide you through the succession settlement process. Will search, declaration of transmission, the verification of a holograph (handwritten) will or a will made in the presence of witnesses: your family notary will see to it that you are able to make the best decisions in your own interest.

Protection of De Facto Spouses

If you are in a de facto union, either with or without children, make sure you are protected in the event of a separation! Establish any necessary agreements and contracts as early as possible, at the beginning of your relationship, while harmony prevails. Your trusted notary can advise you and prepare the agreements that meet your needs.

Celebration of Marriages and Civil Unions

Getting married or entering into a civil union is one of the most important days of your life. At home, by a lake or in a sunny park: celebrate your marriage or civil union in the location of your choice, according to your wishes, in the presence of your family notary to solemnize the ceremony.

Letter of invitation

Inviting a family member or friend who needs a visa to visit you in Canada? Contact your trusted notary, who will draft a letter of invitation to accompany their visitor or temporary resident visa application.

Document for Travelling abroad with Children

A letter of parental consent can simplify travel for children travelling outside of Canada. A notarized consent letter may be required by immigration authorities when entering or leaving a foreign country or by Canadian officials when re-entering Canada. Your family notary will prepare the document you require and have you swear under oath for a trouble-free vacation.

Mandate in Anticipation of Incapacity: Drafting and Homologation

When you meet with your local notary to prepare a mandate in anticipation of incapacity, either with or without a general power of attorney, she can advise you on the different ways you can protect yourself in advance in the event of a disability, regardless of your age.

Likewise, should you become incapacitated, Constance Fortin will guide your family through the procedure for the homologation of your mandate in anticipation of incapacity.